Coach Alex SilvaBe Fierce!

Adult Functional Fitness

This is designed for motivated people with aesthetic awareness and a train hard attitude. You will work to improve body composition and human performance. Consistency and discipline are required to achieve results. This program is designed to make you functionally fit for sports and everyday activities. Classes incorporate cardio, strength, resistance, flexibility, power, balance and fun.

  • One-on-One
  • 60 Minute sessions
  • 1-4 Times a week

I will be working close with you to understand your daily routine. Educating people to live a path to superior health is what makes this program unique. It is necessary to adapt our lives to an improved culture in our nutrition, physical activities, recovery and aging.

Some of the tools used in the program are fitness assessments, functional movements testing, personal records, measurements, food journal, core strength program, evaluations every 6-8 weeks and consistent change in exercise routine. You will always be challenged and be never bored.

Semi-Private Training

Great for couples, partners and co-workers. You can share the trainer and the cost without losing your privacy. In addition to the classes I will also answer questions about your exercise routine, nutrition and supplement orientation.

  • Up to 4 participants
  • 60 Minute sessions
  • 1-4 Times a week

Small Group or Corporate Fitness

The Fierce Team will be preparing incredible classes for you and your friends or co-workers. Classes can be indoor or outside. With enough notice, the Fierce Team can organize convention events or private games. The Fierce Team Certified Coaches will bring high energy and fun to incredible classes like Boot Camps, Yoga, Pilates, Kick Boxing Cardio (not choreography) and Kettle Bell classes. Fun, challenging, innovative, fitness goal orientated, science tested, not for the weak or faint of heart.

  • Minimum of 5 participants
  • 60 Minute sessions
  • 1-3 Times a week

Tactical Athlete Conditioning

This program is for the modern warrior, people with a physically active lifestyle and a job which requires physical performance daily. This program bring the best fitness performance of your life. This is integrated functional performance training focusing on enhancing the physical readiness, optimal human performance and athletic conditioning. You will be working outside of your comfort zone. THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS - Fitness skills are required!

New participants must book an intro performance sport specific class. This a private one-on-one training session in which you will learn all major sports conditioning, movement mechanics and posture. The cost of the session is $50 and valued at $75. All intro sessions need to be booked upon registering and completed prior to your first session.

  • 1-2 Participants at a time
  • 60-120 Minute sessions
  • 1-2 Times a week

Participants will be involved in the following:

Functional movements screen, metabolic circuits, strength and conditioning, endurance exercises, power movements, speed, agility, reactivity, flexibility, balance, core strength, recovery and regeneration. All info about your personal performance records, nutrition and supplementation will be analyzed to maximize operational effectiveness.